Just Colour

Colour and your body

What are energy centres?

The energy centres – swirling wheels of light and colour – have been inherited from yoga and Chinese medicine. Today, the Western world also makes use of this ancient and highly refined system to heal emotional blocks, misconceptions and conditioning.

Energy centres are like antennas that constantly receive and transmit energy. They enable us to gather, process, and release energy from the earth and the universe.

The energy centres are not mystical. They are an essential part of our bio-energy system. In our bodies, the energy centres correspond to our endocrine system, which stimulates and regulates our hormones.

Colour is a component of the energy centres. They can be used to balance, inspire, heal and stimulate us.

Seven major energy centres

There are seven major energy centres in our bodies.

Root energy centre – red

The root energy centre is located at the base of the spine. Its primary function is to root our spirit in our bodies. This centre governs the basic earthly instincts that we need to survive. Our grounding is found in this energy centre. Grounding means having a strong physical and emotional foundation.

If you constantly feel fearful or restless, you may want to examine your roots.

Sacral energy centre – orange

The sacral energy centre is located midway between the pubic bone and the navel. It is the life-spring of our physical well-being and vitality. It connects us to creativity, abundance, and bliss. Well-being is a state of feeling good about ourselves; that who we are and what we do or have is enough. This chakra also control our sexuality and reproductive systems. Money and our attitude towards it, is also governed by the orange energy centre.

Is it hard for you to centre yourself? Do you feel that you are entitled to pleasure and happiness?

Solar plexus energy centre - yellow

The solar plexus energy centre is located underneath the diaphragm, directly below the sternum. It governs our personal power, self-worth, and decision-making. Our sense of self-worth is intact when we know the value of who we are, regardless of how others may see or experience us. Another essential quality of the yellow energy centre is the ability to discriminate – who and what we choose to make part of ourselves.

Are you constantly trying to prove your worth? Do you always compare yourself to others? 

Heart energy centre – green

The heart energy centre is located to the right of the physical heart. The energy of the green energy centre revolves around our capacity to give and receive love purely and unconditionally. When we are around people with open heart energy centres, there is a sense of acceptance and lightness; they also show us the path to forgiveness. Acceptance is also a part of this energy centre. When we accept our weaknesses we become strong. When we accept ourselves we accept that we are worthy of our own love.

Are you suspicious and critical when love presents itself to you? 

Throat energy centre – blue

The throat energy centre lies in the middle of the throat. From the blue energy centre we express our personal truth. When we do not express ourselves, we limit our participation and enjoyment of life. When we create and express ourselves, we strengthen our individuality. Through speech we express who we are, reach out to others, express our needs and sentiments, and speak up for ourselves. The throat energy centre also rules the sense of hearing – how well we listen to our inner voice and hear our own inner rhythms.

Do you find it hard to express your feelings? Are your use of language disempowering?

Brow energy centre – indigo

The brow energy centre is located behind the nose at the level of the brow. This centre gives insight and intuition; it also allows you to master spiritual and emotional growth. It also governs intelligence, perception, and wisdom. Through our imagination, we can build, create, and manifest our intentions to lead a healthy, fulfilling, and happy life.

Do you live in your head? 

Crown energy centre – violet

The crown energy centre is at the top of the head. The nature of this violet energy centre is to be receptive. If we are cut off from a spiritual dimension we will operate on limited energy and strength. When we begin to align ourselves with higher values we will start to live in harmony with the Universal Spirit.

Do you feel that you life has purpose? Do you live in the past?