Just Colour


We know when something is out of balance, but we are not always sure exactly WHAT is causing us discomfort. We feel sick, but the doctor can’t find anything wrong; we are emotional but cannot pinpoint the cause; or we are aware that we are stuck, but don’t know which direction to take.

During a counselling with colour session, we unearth all the hidden feelings and thoughts that keep you from reaching your full potential. The first 45 minute session reveals almost all your talents and challenges. You get new insight into yourself, how you deal with relationships and how you handle life.

The effects of stress on your body is also identified. This is a great way of preventing serious illness.

Follow-up sessions focus on practical ways to improve your overall health, well being and happiness.  

Life’s journey is exhilarating and confusing. Make it colourful rather!

Book your counselling and coaching with colour session today and discover the real you! 

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