Just Colour


Colour of the Month

VIOLET is the colour of the month. It is about surrender, transformation, and connection to your creator/source.  

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red Is your head in the clouds and your feet NOT on the ground?
You need RED! Do physical exercise, potter in the garden or work with clay.
orange Feeling a tad down?
Embrace ORANGE! Treat yourself to a massage or hot aromatic bath. Use all your senses today – touch, taste, smell, hear and see.
yellow Low on confidence and a lack of focus?
You can do with YELLOW! Get out and feel the sun on your skin. Do mind puzzles, eat fun food like ice-cream and laugh a lot.
green Over-emotional and over-sensitive?
Think GREEN! Go for a walk in the park. Feel your heart beat, love yourself and others.
blue Struggling to express yourself peacefully?
BLUE does it! Sing in the shower or in the car. Wear something blue. Look up at the sky, calm down and say how you really feel.
indigo Not trusting your sixth sense?
INDIGO = intuition. Keep quiet and listen to your inner voice. Ask questions. Organise your home and work environment.
violet Don't dare to dream?
VIOLET transforms. Reconsider your beliefs about the world and yourself. Write down your visions and inventions. Be gentle with yourself and live in the moment.